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DigiPe’s (Digipe Fintech Private Limited) guiding principles and fundamental beliefs help, drive the people better function together as a team and work towards a common business goal. The Core Values of Digipe i.e., Drive, Integrity, Gender Equality, Innovation, Professionalism and Ethics, make it easier for DigiPe, as a company to make decisions, foster teamwork and help employees collaborate, quickly communicate principles to Clients and Customers, and hire right resources with the right attitude for the right roles and responsibilities.

Our Values

Core Values


DigiPe Fintech Private Limited (DigiPe) is one of the fastest growing Neo Banking Services Company, in India.

DigiPe’s Business Banking arm, DigiPe, brings effectiveness and excellence to all banking and financial transaction processes. DigiPe offers a wide suite of Neo Banking Services that covers the entire life-cycle payment needs of both Merchants and Customers.

Innovation has always been at the forefront at DigiPe and the DigiPe App, the flagship offering of Digipe, stands testimony to this effect. The Digipe Platform has built-in firewalls and multi-layer validations to ensure transactions are not just instant but more importantly, secure. A host of customer-centric Services under various categories across multiple leading Brands are integrated onto this robust platform which serves as a one-stop destination to avail the wide spectrum of services, anytime, anywhere!